Rent office space
more easily with Panorama

Entrust us with the search for office space and the negotiation of your lease and let our results speak for themselves. This will help you focus on what really matters, growing your business.

Find the best workspace for your business

Panorama offers a unique service to entrepreneurs and business executives who rent office space. Opening, relocation or expansion, whatever your needs, we negotiate the lease that suits your needs.

Thanks to our solid experience, we are able to consider all the criteria to advise you objectively : the image of the place, an efficient layout, proximity to customers and suppliers, local services, infrastructure, parking and the means of transportation.

We leave nothing to chance, we do extensive study and market research to identify the best office space options that meet the specific criteria of our clients. 

As required by the North American commercial real estate brokerage standard, our representation fees are paid by the landlords and only when we have achieved the results that are right for you.


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4 steps, 1 procedure adapted to your reality

Our 4-step approach, validated by years of experience in the field of office leasing, allows us to tie our actions to your business context. 

Identify your needs

We carefully identify the needs, challenges and requirements for your business. By asking the right questions, we can present options based on your strategy in short, medium and long term. 

Evaluate all options

Our team carries out a market survey of the most strategic locations according to your requirements. Our detailed analysis of rental, development and construction costs will help you choose the best space for your business.

Negotiate skillfully

Our experience has taught us to avoid being captive to a single option. Through the relationships we have developed with landlords over the years, we negotiate terms that maximize your interest and minimize your financial risk.

Manage the project

We assist you in planning spaces, tenders and construction. We work closely with all the professionals required to deliver your space according to the budget and schedule.

Hire Panorama and rent the perfect office space for your company

Tenant representation is a business service that benefits you. Our clients entrust us with their projects and save money, but above all, they save their most precious resource: their time.