Buy your property
anywhere in Greater Montreal with Panorama

We know that buying a property is not always easy. We simplify the decision-making process and we provide you with all the key information, including the latest market trends, so that you can make an informed decision and choose the right property in Montreal, Laval or on the North Shore.

Avoid the buyer's remorse

Are you sure you bought the right property? Too often, it happens that we buy on a whim or a crush, without considering all the options. But not with Panorama.

We help buyers to find the properties that best suit their needs and to choose the one that perfectly matches their expectations.

For this, we consider all the options in the market, the real estate trends and the history and physical condition of each potential properties.

Then our qualified team provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision by paying the right price, guaranteed. 


Our 6-step purchase plan

Thanks to our 6-step buying process, we are able to support you and make your life easier.

Identify your needs

We are here to help you identify all the items that are important to you and sort them in order of priority. It is only when we have a clear idea of your desires and needs that we begin our prospecting work.

Identify properties

We present properties that match your criteria and are likely to interest you. We may also present you with exclusive properties, that is, that are not officially for sale on the market, but for which you may have an interest.

Visit the properties

Depending on your schedule, we coordinate site visits. In order to obtain an excellent overall picture, we analyze the history and draw up a preliminary physical assessment of the property.

Evaluate the condition and price of the property

Before submitting an offer to purchase and enter into negotiations, it is important to assess the market value of the coveted property and list the improvements and investments that will be required in the short term. Once these data are compiled, we are equipped to defend our position.

Prepare legal documents and negotiate

Once you have identified the property that meets your criteria, we prepare the legal documents and present your offer to the seller. We follow a negotiating strategy that has been previously agreed to and obtain the desired property at the desired price and according to the predetermined conditions. 

Perform THE verifications and Fulfill the conditions

Once the two parties are in a binding agreement, we analyze all the documents pertaining to the property and we carry out all the necessary verifications (inspection and if necessary, soil test, structure expertise, etc.) before lifting your conditions.

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