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Residential and commercial properties

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Real estate is a complex sector where there is no room for improvisation.

Panorama was founded by Carla Brown and Benoit Loyer, two experienced professionals who, following rigorous principles, ensure the complete satisfaction of their clients.

With several hundred real estate transactions to their credit, our professionals combine their skills to ensure the conclusion of excellent transactions, whether to sell, buy or lease a property.

The Panorama team is supported by experts in a variety of fields including designers, building professionals and legal advisors specialized in real estate law.

Our fine knowledge of the market and our ability to deploy the right strategies at the right time offer you a clear advantage.

Panorama: professionals who listen to your concerns

Hundreds of sellers, buyers and tenants of office space have made an excellent real estate transaction thanks to Panorama.  

In all real estate transactions, the trust-based relationship with your broker is of the utmost importance for maximum success. Mr. Loyer's expertise, analytical skills and great talent in the art of negotiation make him a genuine added value to anyone seeking to sell or acquire a property.

Richard Speer

I want to emphasize Benoit's high degree of professionalism and negotiation skills when we relocated our offices. He masterfully managed a complex project. A man of great integrity and reliability.

Antonio Buono
Mirador Thermal Innovations Inc.

When after a death in my family we had to sell the family property, I called Benoit Loyer who had been referred to me. I could never have found a broker with as much empathy to understand the sensitivity of this project for a mourning family. He knew how to take the lead and he supported us by explaining every step. I highly recommend him.

Rafael Cruz

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