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Leasing an office space in the Montreal area?

Leasing an office space in the Montreal area?
We often see that the choice of office space is crucial to the success of a business, especially in a city with strong competition like Montreal.
However, it is not easy to identify the criteria to be considered during the research process. If location is important in choosing an office space, there are other factors to consider when choosing a property to rent.

Location and layout: important criteria to consider for your office space

It’s no secret that when you want to be efficient and attract quality staff, you have to be in a good location. In the case of an office space, it is first a question of properly assessing the needs of the company according to its offer of services or goods.

Search for office space in a defined geographic area

First, the location of a business should be accessible to both customers and employees. Few of the employees will agree to travel a long distance to get to work, especially if they live in an urban centre like Montreal.

Think about the layout of your office space

Also make sure that the space layout is optimal for your installation. This could allow you to take full advantage of all the available space and avoid paying for unusable square feet.

Define a rental budget adapted to the reality of your business to ensure that you have good profitability in renting office space, your activity should be adapted to the space. Thus, it is necessary to consider your rent according to the expected turnover of your business. This could help you avoid unnecessary expenses and avoid long-term losses. 

Make sure of the quality of the space and the possibilities of expansion 

The activity of a company is not fixed, it evolves with the rest of the market and according to the industry to which it is attached. We must therefore anticipate the evolution it could undergo before choosing a space. An accounting firm could, for example, see its space requirements grow based on new contracts and personnel requirements. Therefore, it must have sufficient space to anticipate its expansion. Thinking about these kinds of details can save a business from having to make multiple moves to larger spaces, which ultimately saves a lot of money.

Check the terms of the commercial lease 

Do not sign any lease offered to you, even if the space seems ideal. Make sure to have your lease revised by your real estate broker and a specialised lawyer in commercial leasing.

Occupancy permit

Consider obtaining an occupancy permit in accordance with your activity. The space you are about to rent may not be up to the standards of your municipality. You may then be unable to locate your business there. Ask your municipality for all the information before committing.

Getting started in the search for office space in the Montreal region: a challenge to be met with the right advice 

The choice of office space depends on several other factors depending on the sector of activity. At Panorama, we draw on our expertise and experience to advise you as best as possible, taking into account the tendency in the real estate market, which is very changing in the metropolitan area of ​​Montreal. 

If you have any questions regarding the leasing of office space, contact us! We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you find the property that meets the needs of your business.